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    Migrate Process

    Migration has become a dream for everyone in recent times for people willing to settle abroad. People are willing to move abroad for study, work, or for better quality of life.


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    Welcome! Your immigration journey starts here…

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    Our expert will personally guide you based on your interests and goals.

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    Settling abroad in one of the world’s leading countries is one of the most life-changing things you can do.

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    Studying abroad can help your career open up to multiple possibilities.


    Why do people immigrate?

    • High standards of living
    • Excellent work-life balance
    • Earn 5x more income than your current salary
    • Millions of job opportunities in various sectors
    • Better career prospects
    • FREE education for your children 
    • Healthcare & social benefits
    • Retirement benefits
    • Apply for citizenship based on your eligibility 

    What is immigration? 

    Migration has become a common phenomenon recently, with more people willing to move away from their country and settle in another country. Today’s People are willing to move abroad for work, study, or a better quality of life.

    The reasons for moving abroad differ from person to person. Still, the primary motive to migrate can be either for employment, studies, a better quality of life, or just to expand one’s horizons.

    The benefits of migrating to another country are many. It gives opportunities to live in a new environment, meet new people, and experience a different culture. It provides opportunities to learn a new language. Besides this, migration gives an opportunity for professional development and personal growth.

    Best countries to immigrate from India

    “Indians hold the distinction of being the world’s largest diaspora, with a community exceeding 18 million abroad.”

    Statistics for the year 2022 with the World Population Review, an independent organization, reveal that the United States – with 52 million – had the highest number of foreign-born residents, also referred to as immigrants.

    The leading countries for migrating overseas include, among others – the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.

    Migrate to Australia for better career prospects

    A multicultural society and a thriving economy, Australia has much to offer a newcomer. Australian permanent residence visas are issued with a validity of five years, allowing you to move to the country and settle in Australia with your family.

    You can apply for Australian citizenship after living in Australia for 4 years on a PR visa, provided you fulfill the other eligibility requirements.

    Migrate to Canada to start a ‘New Life’

    Found to be the most welcoming country for a migrant, Canada has streamlined immigration policies, making it easier to apply. Canada plans to invite 1.5 million immigrants by 2025. A majority of these will be through economic immigration.

    Express Entry has a standard processing time of six months (from the date of receipt of the completed application).

    Canada PR visa is issued for five years and can be renewed. After living in Canada as a permanent resident for a minimum of three years out of five years – that is, 1095 days – you can apply to take up Canadian citizenship. Provided, however, that you meet the other eligibility requirements.

    Migrate to Germany to earn in Euros

    The high demand for skilled workers in Germany generates many opportunities for immigrants in diverse industries and sectors. Germany is said to offer among the quickest visa decisions. Moreover, you can access the entire European Union (EU) when you migrate to Germany

    The easiest country to immigrate to will be as per your individual circumstances and requirements. Join our free webinar sessions about immigration and visas.

    Migrate to the UK for unparalleled career growth

    The UK government encourages skilled professionals to work in the UK under the Tier 2 visa program to meet the competitive edge. The country is offering various immigration paths for foreign nationals, due to which the immigrant’s number of immigrants has doubled from 6 million to 12 million.

    With deep knowledge of UK immigration policies, Y-Axis offers you superior guidance and counsels you on all necessary procedures and requirements to increase your chances of UK immigration from India.

    There are many pathways for UK immigration, but the most common and successful paths include: 

    Benefits of overseas immigration

    Settling abroad in one of the world’s leading countries is one of the most life-changing things you can do. Some of the biggest reasons people settle abroad are:

    • Better salary and job prospects
    • An enhanced standard of living
    • The more stable political environment
    • Vibrant multicultural cities
    • Better healthcare and education
    • Opportunity to bring more members of the family abroad
    • Better life for children
    • Opportunity to bring more members of the family abroad

    Migration is all about relocating from one place to another. Usually, there might be diverse push and pull factors at work, either working on their own or together.

    Pull factors – factors that draw a newcomer to a specific country – are primarily social and economic. Economic migration is when an individual moves abroad to find work or follow a carefully laid career path.

    On the other hand, social migration is when an individual relocates overseas for a better quality of life or to be closer to family.

    Generally, the top three reasons believed to be the motivating factors for migrating overseas are –

    • Increased earning potential,
    • More job opportunities, and
    • Better healthcare and education.

    According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), there were an estimated 232 million international migrants globally.

    An international migrant is a person living outside the country that they were born in. Crossing borders in search of work, education, and new horizons, a migrant is primarily driven by the search for new opportunities and better livelihood. 

    Immigration and visa process

    Permanent residency might be gained through different routes. The most common ways of becoming a permanent resident are through–

    • the work stream,
    • the family stream,
    • the study stream or
    • as an investor or via a business stream.

    If eligible, you might be able to acquire permanent residence straightaway, provided immigration routes suitable for your individual circumstances are available, open, and accepting applications.

    Conversely, you might opt to go to a foreign country to study abroad or work overseas first and apply for permanent residence later on. Working or studying abroad might make you eligible for different immigration streams of the country that you study/work in. For example, previous and recent Canadian work experience makes you eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) under Canada’s Express Entry.

    Moreover, many countries allow you to stay back in the country after you have completed your study abroad. Countries such as the UK, Germany, the US, Australia, and Canada offer post-study work options.

    Generally, a country’s family stream permanent residency is available for partners, children, parents, or other dependent relatives of an individual who is either a permanent resident or citizen of that country.

    Under the workstream immigration pathway, you can gain permanent residence based on your having the skills in demand or being sponsored by an employer in that country for a work-based visa. Other pathways for permanent residence are also available. These vary from country to country.

    Eligibility for overseas immigration

    Generally, the eligibility criteria for migrating overseas include meeting the –

    • Basic eligibility (such as for the Express Entry of Canada or SkillSelect of Australia)
    • Language requirements
    • Health requirements (to be verified through a Medical Examination by a panel doctor)
    • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), and
    • Proof of funds, if required.

    The specific requirements will vary from program to program and country to country.

    Get evaluated: Check your eligibility to migrate abroad instantly for FREE through the Y-Axis Immigration points calculator. 

    Country Minimum points required

    Requirements for an immigrant visa

    Each of the immigration programs has its own minimum eligibility requirements. The required paperwork supporting the claims made by you in your application will depend on the program you are applying to.

    It is advisable to confirm your eligibility before applying. 

    Usually, verification will be made by the government concerned of your education, identity, work experience, and general background. 

    Steps to apply for overseas immigration

    Step 1: Check your eligibility

    Step 2: Find out if your score meets the specific criteria of the points grid, for instance – 65 points for Australia, 67 points for Canada, 100 points for UK , 70 points for UK

    Step 3: Arrange the checklist of documents 

    Step 4: Apply for the visa

    Step 5: Complete the visa application form and submit it 

    Step 6: Wait for the visa status 

    Step 7: Settle overseas

    We help our clients discover the best country for them and give them unbiased advice on their best migration options.

    Immigrant visa costs

    Country Cost
    Canada CAD 3500
    USAUSD 10000
    UAE Dh 8000
    Australia AUD 10000
    GermanyEuro 5000

    *Note: The visa costs differ based on the country and visa you chose to apply for. 

    Processing time for an immigrant visa

    Country Time
    Schengen Visa 20 days to 8 months
    USA Visa 21 to 25 days
    Australia Visa 1 month to 10 months
    UAE Visa 10 to 15 days
    Canada Visa 25 days to 8 months

    *Note: The processing times differ based on the country and visa you chose to apply for.   

    Y-Axis – The best immigration consultant for overseas aspirants

    Get professional guidance from the best that there can be. Make an informed decision with perfect confidence. Optimize the chances of success of your submission by getting counseling from the leading immigration consultant who works for you.

    Our immigration counselors work with you to determine your preferences and identify the most ideally suited countries with the best prospects for successful migration and the most optimum future prospects.

    We are up-to-date with the latest immigration laws and policies and offer you timely, accurate advice to make the right immigration decision.

    Thousands of people turn to Y-Axis every year to achieve their global ambitions. Our knowledge, expertise, and experience in global immigration practices make us the first choice for individuals and families seeking to build a new life abroad.

    “Associating with Y-Axis, you will be working with immigration professionals who are happy to serve you with the best.”

    The world’s best immigration consultation, Y-Axis, provides unbiased immigration services for every client based on their interests and requirements. The notable services of Y-Axis include: 

    Quick facts about immigration
    • Generally, countries look for applicants skilled in their occupation, with at least three years’ work experience. Those with close relatives living in the country or an offer of employment are preferred.
    • A Bachelor’s degree or higher education might be needed.
    • Proficiency in the English language might be required.
    • IELTS is not mandatory. IELTS is one of the acceptable standardized tests. Other tests are also available.
    • The best countries to migrate to from India include – Canada, Australia, Germany, Finland, and Norway.
    • Spouses/partners and children can be included in the permanent residence submission. Certain countries allow parents of the main applicant to be included as well.
    • After migrating and settling abroad as a permanent resident, you might be able to get your parents to join you and also sponsor eligible close relatives.
    • Most countries allow permanent residents to live, work, or study anywhere in the country.
    • A job offer is not mandatory. Certain immigrant pathways don’t require you to have a job offer from an employer in Canada to be able to apply.


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